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Pocket Wine Pairing app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2448 ratings )
Education Food & Drink
Developer: Wine Paradigm
Current version: 5.0.2, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 23 Mar 2014
App size: 60.65 Mb

Featured as one of the “Best New Apps” on the App Store!

Food and wine pairing has never been so clear, accessible and easy to understand. This FREE app from Wine Paradigm gives you complete access to the comprehensive food pairing features in Pocket Wine - one of the most popular wine apps in the USA, UK and Canada. It gives you a detailed index of hundreds of meal types, showing you the best matches for different wine styles, grape varieties and blends. A “Do’s & Don’ts” section, along with a “Quick Guide To Food Types” provides valuable and easy to follow information enabling you to discover even more unique food and wine pairings for yourself.

In addition, the app gives you access to the “My Wines” section, where you can add photos and details of wines you like, as well as adding them to your cellar. The app also allows you to view and sample many of the features and content of our parent app, Pocket Wine. Use this FREE app for as long as you like, and as often as you like (you dont need to login, it works offline and its also ad free). You can choose to upgrade at any time for a once only purchase price - no monthly or annual charges - and access all the content to give yourself the full Pocket Wine experience.

Here’s what some users of our full Pocket Wine app had to say:

“This app is sensational! I discovered my love for wine. Wonderful on pairing with foods and discovering which wines suit your palate.”

“From a beer only drinker to a full on wine enthusiast and all because of this wonderful little app! I definitely recommend giving it a try.”

“A must for any wine enthusiast. This app is worth every dollar, and even more if you’re learning or want to discover new wines.”

“This app is the deal … an exploration tool … what really matters.”

“Best of the best. Hands down worth every penny, great for all levels of learning.”

“Thanks to this app I now know what I’m looking at and looking for when I go to a wine store.”

“The best wine app out there, hands down.”

“Great app. I’m a winemaker in VA and recommend this for visitors in the tasting room. Definitely recommend it, worth the price for the education and food pairing suggestions.”

“Absolutely fantastic wine reference tool. Beautiful interface, easy to use and unbelievably informative.”

“Finally, an app that has made wine accessible to me – brilliant!”

We hope you enjoy our FREE food and wine pairing app. It takes the mystery out of pairing and gives you all the guidance, information and examples you need to make successful pairings every time. Upgrade at any time and you will receive access to all the content of our Pocket Wine app, which unlocks the complex world of wine and gives you an insight that has taken others years to achieve.

Enjoy and happy food and wine pairing.

Pros and cons of Pocket Wine Pairing app for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Wine Pairing app good for

This app comes in so handy when we go on wine tasting tours. Either I use it during the tasting to learn about the varieties being served or I use it afterwards to look up the various terms that are used by the winery hosts. I am very much looking forward to having this app available when we go to Europe this fall, so many new varieties to sample.
Easily the best app for food and wine pairing. The guides for each food type make pairing easy and logical. Im also using the app now as my go to wine journal by adding all the wines I buy.
Tremendously helpful when it comes to matching food and wine. Amazing variety of different food and grapes including German synonyms like for instance Spätburgunder and Lemberger. Lots of details about wine styles and respective food companions.
Practical, useful and very well structured. Better then others out there. Will be using this all the time.
Given that the most important factor in the expression of a grape is the terroir (soil conditions, other climate-related factors) in which it is grown rather than the varietal itself, it would be great to have the abundant information found in this app to be organized according to region, too. In any case, this is a very good app and well worth the $4 to unlock all of its features. Well done and thanks!
Although I already know a fair bit about wine, I find this app very helpful. It is full of information right at your fingertips, and is a must-have app for any wine novice and/or experienced wine enthusiast. Highly recommended!

Some bad moments

The vast majority of the functionality of this app is locked unless you upgrade. Not surprisingly unimpressive.
If you want to know what wine to have with your food without knowing any more info about it then this app is for you but if you want more info about the wine then you need to upgrade and pay $3.99. Sorry but not really worth it. Maybe if it was .$99 instead.
Quick and easy to use with good pairings and very useful advice.
Nice interface and easy to use. All the basic information you would want to know about the varietals and pairings. Too expensive
Enjoying this app. It approaches wine in a novel way and is all the more refreshing for that. Very stylish and lovely to use. Would recommend the upgrade.
Ive purchased a number of wine apps for the purpose of pairing wine to food. Most were disappointing. This app not only does pairings well, but it also provides a lot of information about the grape ... and there are lots of grapes. Well worth the price. The upgrade is highly recommended. Since I purchased this app Ive used it for a number of reasons; pairings, grape info, etc. most everything I wanted was there. However, I found a few obscure grapes not listed. I contacted the developer who not only agreed that they will add the grapes, but they also included, in their reply, all the info about the grape. How cool is that. Responsiveness to the customer is outstanding!